Client Brief: The client was unsure where to start with the brief so we worked one up from the intended menu. Colours were chosen that reflected beach sand and warm blue skies and the walls were painted with an ombre effect to simulate a beach horizon. Flamingo pink was used to warm the scheme through and give it a playful twist. The bar was given punch with uplighting and deeper tones from the colour palette, whilst the bar counter, flooring, outside fascia and kitchen area was treated in a relaxed, driftwood finish. The existing furniture was repainted in punchy mid tones from the palette and the washroom/toilet area refurbished to give a calm, minimal finish. Downstairs a snug is being constructed that has midnight blue walls and ceilings with a starscape lighting effect, backwash lighting, deep comfy bean bags and driftwood flooring to create a secret, intimate space for cocktails and private parties. A scaled down clinker dinghy filled with fairy lights and ocean soundloop completes the feeling of escape to a magical tropical hideaway.

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