Chevrons: point out a new direction


Looking round the new collections of the big interiors fabric houses there has been a quiet resurgence of an old favourite, chevrons are back in fashion.  This is a trend that has been growing from the floor up, with parquet making a return in both traditional and non traditional mediums such as vinyl, marble and concrete.  Oversized planks are a modern twist on this old favourite, with distressed or whitened planks a favourite in huge herringbone patterns.   The twist to a traditional look allows you to fuse old and new together to achieve a look that is both forward looking yet rooted in the past.

Chevrons look great on cushions and rugs if you just want a little of their cut and thrust in your interior.  Clarke and Clarke has some very reasonably priced styles or check out Etsy for some real budget finds in primrose yellow or peacock blue.

Curtains or blinds can look fabulous with chevrons, giving a very graphic, horizontal line across a room that works great if you’re looking to widen out a tall, narrow room by optically pulling the ceiling down.

And if you like the look but find chevrons a bit too sharp for your current style, then look at some of the softer versions with ombred or blurred lines that look great in boho or ethnic interiors.