We quickly identified the multiple potential audiences and also had a look at neighbouring properties that the project had to compete against. The exterior is a traditional clapperboard style, with the beach and rolling sand dunes not 3 minutes walk away. We settled on a modern take on New England Shaker to complement the exterior, with stripped wood, chunky wools, cotton and calico finishes in a soft natural palette of corn, wild grass and stormy blue.
The boxy entrance lobby was knocked through and replaced with a slatted wall that gave the illusion of separation whilst flooding the room with light and space. A neglected rear patio was brought into play via respacing the kitchen area to allow French doors to be incorporated to join the kitchen and patio areas together.
Upstairs a slatted wooden headboard and inbuilt LEDs gave the small bedroom a feeling of being a destination whilst a slatted pendant light in the hallway emphasized a strong vertical line to heighten the ceilings. The decking area was raised and replanked in a rustic take on the interior floor and soft Cuban star tiles upstairs and downstairs tied the two floors together whilst giving a nod to a modern styling. The real flame log fire was added to ensure the space felt super cozy on blustery Winter evenings.

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