Watford Loft

The Brief:

The client contacted me late into a loft extension project realising that headroom was not as extensive as thought.  She was in a quandary as to how to plan the space and whether it could be made to work as intended.

Crystal Palace Bar

The Brief: The client was unsure where to start with the brief so we worked one up from the intended menu. Colours were chosen that reflected beach sand and warm blue skies.

North London Townhouse

The Brief: Create a design that married the client’s existing accent colours of sapphire and damson with their move towards a light, natural palette with a hint of Moroccan pattern.

Moroccan French Design

The Brief: Create a look that was contemporary, neutral but with some bold injections of colour and pattern referencing the client’s middle Eastern family ties with a touch of French flair.

Eclectic Ealing Design

The Brief: Create an eclectic, personal design that warmed up the client’s north facing house with wool and felt furnishings plus some naive touches of woodland animals to stop the look feeling too masculine.

Scandi Design Balham

The Brief: To create a look that was calm and uncluttered, classic but in a contemporary theme with touches of Scandinavian, Shaker and industrial style.

Edwardian House

The Brief: Create a whole house style that would incorporate colour, boldness with a grown up feel for the sitting room.

Pimlico Georgian House

The Brief: Combine grandiose with classic elegance to create a home that is eyecatching yet comfortable.

Wimbledon Maisonette

The Brief: Create a calm, contemporary home for an IT company owner that would reflect his love of cooking and music.

Battersea Sitting Room

The Brief: Create a space that sat within the rest of the house comfortably with a grown up ‘den’ feel.

Battersea Town House

The Brief: Create Zen in the life of a busy, globe trotting partner in a multi national firm.

Shepherds Bush Flat

The Brief: Create a stylish interior that would make the most of limited light and space.

Streatham House

The Brief: Create a vibrant, arty design with a touch of industrial to create a home that is practical and fun loving.

Chiswick Edwn House

The Brief: Create a home that can house Far East artifacts alongside contemporary kitchen and bathroom styling.

Wallington Edwn House

The Brief: Incorporate previously designed areas into an overall whole house design to update the property ready to sell.

Wimbledon Edwn House

The Brief: Create a home that would look as cool to teenagers as it did to parents and grandparents.

Streatham 1930s Terrace

The Brief: Create a neutral, grown up interior that had confidence without being brash.

Streatham Estate Agent

The Brief: Create a look that would reflect the company’s brand values of customer service and integrity.

Pimlico Grnd Fl Flat

The Brief: Create an elegant home from a three room apartment with space to entertain.

Wimbledon Rental Flat

The Brief: Design a home that utilised colour whilst being neutral enough to sell in future.

Balham Basement

The Brief: Create a design to make a proper kitchen/dining space and family sized bathroom for this three bedroom flat.

Single Room Projects

The Brief: Create a coherent up to date look from a rental flat which contained its own furnishings.

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